Digital Music Sales Nearly Triple in 2005 to $US 1.1 billion

Music record company trade revenues from digital sales globally nearly tripled in value, from $400 million in 2004 to $US 1.1 billion in 2005, according to IFPI, an organization representing the recording industry worldwide.

The total number of digital single tracks downloaded online or to mobile phones rose to 470 million units, up from 160 million in 2004.
Digital sales are split roughly 50:50 between online and mobile at the global level.
Master ringtones account for 87% of mobile sales.
Overall recorded music sales (physical and digital) fell by 3% in 2005.
On a retail price basis, the global recorded music market is estimated to be worth $US 33 billion in 2005


The US, Japan, UK, Germany and France are the top five digital markets, which are also the top five in overall music sales.
Mobile dominates the digital music market in Japan and parts of continental Europe, while online sales are stronger in the US, UK and Germany.
US accounts for 1/3 of the global music sales, while US and Japan together have over 50% of the music market.
Digital music accounts for 9% of the music sales in US, while the worldwide share of digital music is 5%


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