Industrial Production up 0.8% in April and Capacity Utilization also climbed to 81.9%

Industrial production rose 0.8 percent in April after an increase of 0.6 percent in March. The rate of capacity utilization for total industry climbed 0.5 percentage point, to 81.9 percent, a rate almost 1.0 percentage point above its 1972-2005 average.
  • The capacity utilization rate for utilities increased, but it remained below its long-run average.

  • The capacity utilization for communications equipment has surpassed the overall industry, after lagging since 2001.

  • The capacity utilization for semiconductor and related equipment industries continuing its downward trend. 

  • The industrial production has increased at an annual rate of 5.4% in the first quarter. 
  • In April, manufacturing production advanced 0.7 percent, and the output indexes for mining and for utilities both increased 0.9 percent. 
  • Overall industrial output was 4.7 percent above its April 2005 level.
  • The factory operating rate, at 80.8 percent, was 1.0 percentage point above its long-run average. 
  • The operating rate for mining jumped to 89.8 percent, a rate 2.5 percentage points above its 1972-2005 average. 
  • The output of home electronics rose a sharp 2.0 percent after having fallen during the first quarter
  • The production of business equipment jumped 1.8 percent because of sharp gains in the output of information processing equipment and of industrial and other equipment.
  • The output of defense and space equipment advanced 1.1 percent while the output of construction supplies was up 0.4 percent
  • The index for energy materials was up 1.3 percent, and the index for non-energy materials rose 0.8 percent in April.
  • The production of petroleum and coal products fell 2.3 percent, but output moved higher for all other major nondurable goods components.

US Federal Reserve: Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization 

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