The future of cable TV - $66B to $134B in the next 10 year

Cable TV will more than double total revenue over the next ten years from $66 bil. in 2005 to $134 bil. in 2015, according to Kagan's Cable Futurecast report. The report covers a complete, long-term vantage point on cable TV industry revenue projections, customer growth trends, churn control, advanced subscription outlooks and penetrations. A few of the projections include:

*Kagan estimates cable’s average monthly revenue per residential subscriber will climb from $79.65 in 2005 to $140.49 by 2015 as MSOs deepen their penetrations of advanced services.
*Kagan estimates the U.S. cable industry will top 28.7 mil. IP voice subscribers by 2015, serving nearly one-quarter of the marketed homes.
*Kagan forecasts total cable modem subscribers in the U.S. will surpass 45 mil. by 2015.
*The commercial services segment for the U.S. cable industry is expected to approach $14 bil. in annual revenue by 2015, driven by demand from small, medium and large businesses for voice and data services.

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