Global Capital Market to Exceed $228 Trillion by 2010, Says McKinsey

McKinsey Global Institute's second annual review of the financial assets of more than 100 countries since 1980 revealed global capital market is huge. 
  • The world's financial assets (including equity securities, private debt and government debt securities, and bank deposits) total more than $136 trillion at the end of 2004 and are expected to exceed $228 trillion by 2010 if current trends persist. 
  • The stock of global financial assets has grown faster than the world's GDP ($40 trillions in 2004 to an estimated $60 trillions in 2010), indicating that financial markets are becoming deeper and more liquid.
$136 trillion

World's financial assets at the end of 2004 ( McKinsey Global Institute) 

$13 trillion

US GDP in first quarter 2006


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