The World by the Numbers: Global Markets in May 2006

Among the BRIC markets, China fell 4.35%, Barzil was down 7.48%, Russia finished 11.16% lower, India lost 11.75% in local currency terms in May'06. 

The Emerging Markets Index took a nosedive in May, falling 10.28%, according to S&P Global Market Review, May 2006. Combining emerging markets with the developed world results in a 4.71% drop for the S&P/Citigroup Global Composite BMI in May

The only sector that had positive returns was Utilities which gained 0.92%. The previous top two performers, Energy and Materials fell 3.14% and 3.78% respectively in May.

Value investing as per the S&P/Citigroup Style Index methodology resulted in a 3.24% loss while growth investing resulted in a loss of 3.90%. Year to date, value has gained 8.45% and growth 5.03%.


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