Week of Jun 12: Venture Capital Deal Flow, Search for Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing - updated 6/16/06
Gaia Interactive $8.9 mil
Virtual community - Web 2.0
Spiceworks $5 mil.
IT management s/w
Crocus Technology $17 mil.
Magnetic RAM
Acopia Networks $20 mil.
Network storage management
Vurv Technology $5 mil.
Workforce management sol.
Acsera $14.2 mil.
Performance management s/w
iArchives $2 mil.
Document digitization
RF Code $6.2 mil.
RFID data mgmt. s/w
Next Big Thing - updated 6/15/06
IPLocks $11 mil.
Enterprise database security
PatientKeeper $8 mil.
Physician information systems
Qpixel Technology $25 mil.
Video/Audio Chips
MobileAccess $11 mil.
Enterprise Wireless Equipment
Oddcast $4 mil.
Developer of talking avatars
ProStor $12.2 mil.
Removable storage solutions
Aveksa $6 mil.
Compliance software
RedSeal Systems $14 mil.
Security risk management s/w


Next Big Thing - updated 6/14/06
Phylogy $7.6 mil.
Triple play over DSL
Sequoia Communications $25 mil
semiconductors for mobile phones
Luminary Micro $14 mil.
Fabless semiconductor
BlackFoot $2.5 mil.
Marketing Analytics
Acsera $14.1 mil.
Appl. performance management
Chronicle Solutions $5.5 mil.
Network monitoring/security
PostApp $1.5 mil.
Marketplace for web widgets
Rally Software $8 mil.
Appl. lifecycle mgmt.


Next Big Thing - updated 6/12/06
SOA Software $11 mil.
SOA and Web services management
Palamida $8 mil.
Software IP management
CoGenesys $55 mil.
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals $36 mil.
Pharma - cancer drugs
SpecificMEDIA $10 mil.
Online ad/media network
CDP Group $4.5 mil.
HR outsourcing - China
One True Media $5 mil.
Video/Photo - Web 2.0
Visitar $1 mil.

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