US Charitable Contributions Rose to $260 Billion in 2005

$199 billion
Individual giving in US, accounting for 76.5% of the total. 
$13.77 billion
Total corporate giving, which  grew by 22.5% in 2005, accounted for about 5.3%of overall gifts. 
A report released today by the Giving USA foundation estimates that in 2005 Americans gave $260.28 billion, a rise of 6.1%, just under the inflation-adjusted high of $260.53 billion in 2000.

About half of the overall increase of $15 billion went directly to aid victims of the disasters - the tsunami in Asia, earthquake in Pakistan and hurricanes Rita, Katrina and Wilma.

Since 1965, total contributions have been between 1.7% and 2.3% of gross domestic product. For 2005, it was estimated to be 2.1% of GDP.


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