Bluetooth Business users average 1,113 min. monthly on cell phone

The average monthly cell phone bill for business users is nearly $80, as compared to about $65 for personal users, according to Telephia's Q2 2006 Customer Value Metrics (CVM) service, measuring 30,000 mobile phone users. Business users average 949 minutes on their phones, 23% higher than the average for personal users.

Though business users subscribe to more expensive voice and data plans, part of their higher spend is also driven by higher incidence of discretionary items like overage and 411 directory calls. The typical overage charge for business users is nearly $56, while the typical 411 charge is almost $4.

In addition, Telephia finds that owners of Bluetooth wireless headsets have very high mobile phone usage. The average monthly bill for a Bluetooth headset owner is $85, nearly 27% higher than the average monthly spending for non-Bluetooth owners. Business users who own Bluetooth headsets spend even more per month, with an average monthly bill of nearly $100 with an average usage of 1,113 minutes each month.

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