India Mobile Market: The Next Land Run for Mobile Vendors? - Research Report by The Diffusion Group

TDG's latest report, India Mobile Market: The Next Land Run for Mobile Vendors? provides a summary of the recent evolution of this sector as well as the dynamics which will make India the number two mobile subscriber market in the world by 2010.

The number of total mobile subscribers is expected to increase from just over 100 million today to over 348 million by year-end 2010. 

Preliminary List of Figures

Figure 1. India's Telecom Market Growth: Fixed & Wireless, March 2004-April 2006

Figure 2. Map of India and Service Provider Circle Breakdown

Figure 3. Estimated Indian telecom Circle

Figure 4. Indian Mobile Subscriber Distribution by Telecom Circle

Figure 5. Fixed Line Operators & Subscribers in India (as of Dec. 2005, in millions)

Figure 6. India Fixed-line Subscriber Growth (1998-2005)

Figure 7. Fixed-line vs. Mobile Subscriber Growth since 1998

Figure 8. CDMA Subscriber Growth (2001-2005)

Figure 9. Mobile Subscriber Additions by Quarter (in millions)

Figure 10. Mobile Subscriber Growth Rates by Quarter (Q2 2003-Q1 2006)

Figure 11. Cursory List of Manufacturing Facilities by Company

Figure 12. GSM and CDMA Growth (2001-2005)

Figure 13. Trends in Average Minimum Effective Tariff (250 Local Minutes of Outgoing Usage, Postpaid) – June 2003 through June 2005

Figure 14. Current GSM and CDMA Market Share

Figure 15. Major Mobile Operator Subscribers for 2004 & 2005

Figure 16. India Mobile Provider market Share (December 2005)

Figure 17. Breakdown of CDMA Market Share by Operator-2005

Figure 18. GSM Market Share by Operator – 2005

Figure 19. Tariffs of Various Developing Nations

Figure 20. India Mobile GSM ARPU (September 2004 – March 2006)

Figure 21. 2005 Quarterly CDMA ARPU

Figure 22. GSM – Pre-paid vs. Post-paid through Sept. 2005 (in millions)

Figure 23. GSM - Pre-paid vs. Post-paid ARPU

Figure 24. Handset Market Share in India: 2005

Figure 25. India Mobile Handset Sales and Subscriber Additions (2003-2005)

Figure 26. India GSM Handset Market Share: 2005

Figure 27. India CDMA Handset Market Share: 2005

Figure 28. Taxes & Licensing Fees – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China and India

Figure 29. Summary of Confirmed and Rumored Infrastructure Upgrades 2006-2009

Figure 30. 3G Subscribers through 2010 (including CDMA 2000 1x-EV-DO)

Figure 31. TRAI Mobile Subscriber Projection through 2008

Figure 32. Penetration Rates by Telecom Circle (2004 to 2006)

Figure 33. Mobile Penetration Theoretical Numbers by Circle (subscribers in millions)

Figure 34. Penetration Rate Projections Based on Current Growth (2006-2010)

Figure 35. China Mobile Market Growth, Cumulative and Monthly (2001-2005)

Figure 36. India Mobile Market Growth, Average Monthly Additions (2006-2010)

Figure 37. India Mobile Market Subscribers (2001-2010)

Figure 38. India Mobile Market – Average revenue per Subscriber (2006-2010)

Figure 39. India Mobile Market – Total Revenue (2006-2010)

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