Business Insights - $19B US Savory Snacks & The Future of Snacks

Snacks are no longer restricted to the traditional categories of processed, potato chips, snack bars, popcorn, nuts and seeds. Bakery and cereals, fruit and vegetables and dairy represent examples of new and emerging snack categories.

The aggregate market share of the top 5 players ranges from 67% in the Americas to 31% in Asia-Pacific, which underlines the relatively high level of market concentration in the global snacks market. PepsiCo, the largest global player, accounted for 15% in the Asia-Pacific region, 55% in the Americas, 21% in Europe and 36% in Africa and the Middle East ...

The US savory snacks market is the largest and most dynamic of the world’s nine key markets, with an estimated total value in 2006 of $19.5bn and a forecast CAGR of 5.5% for the 2006-09 period.

"The Future of Snacks: Category convergence, NPD and key trends driving growth in snacks" is a new management report published by Business Insights that examines the underlying factors driving the snacks market, assesses the impact of new product development and offers actionable recommendations for future strategic success.

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