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By The Numbers

VC Average Employee Pay $777k
Financial Activities in US GDP $2.4T
$1B+ Hedge-Funds Assets $984B
Asian American Buy Power $400B
US Schools Enrollment 33.5M
India Mobile Subs 2010 348M
Digital Still Cameras in US 25M
Retail Power of Baby Boomers $46B
US Savory Snacks Market $19B
Security S/W Revenues WW $7.4B
Political Ad Spend 2006 $1.7B
HDTV Set Sales in US by 2010  180M

By The Numbers

IPTV subs by 2010 48.8M
Smartphone shipments 480M
TV shows downloading 10M
Online Ads spend - 2005 $12.5B
Cell phone connections 2.5B
Retail pharma sales $375B
Digital photo prints 11.7B
Social networks ads 2010 $2.5B
Retirement Assets $14.5T
VC under management $260B
3G Subs WW - 2006 285M
Semiconductor sales '06 $240B
Global market research $23B

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