VC Funding for S5 Wireless, Vyatta, ClickCaster, Smart Analyst and more...

VC Deal Flow

Smart Analyst (outsourced custom research and analytics): $3.75M 
Portico Systems (s/w for health plans): $6 million in funding
ClickCaster (turnkey podcasting solutions): $0.5 million VC funding
S5 Wireless (tracking technology wireless networks): $11.5 million
Vyatta (open-source networking products): $7.5 million funding
Midwest VC Investments in 1H'06 (E&Y, VentureOne): $540 million
PE Investments in India (Bain): $2.2B in 2005; To Reach $7B by 2010
invivodata (solutions for global clinical research): $10 million
More VC Insights at: PE Week, VentureBeat

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