VC Funding for Seventymm, SoonR, Vignani, DATAllergo and more...

VC Deal Flow

DATAllegro (data warehousing appliances): $22.5 million
Voxant (viral syndication network for online news): $10.5 million
RingCube (portable personal computing s/w): $4 million
Vignani Technologies (engineering services provider - India): $4 million
Dexterra (mobile workforce and field service s/w): $6 million
SoonR (mobile access to PC from cell phone ): $6 million
Seventymm (online movie rental - India): $7 million
SpikeSource (software development tools): $24 million
Packetmotion (enterprise security software): $5.97 million
Command Information (Application development services ): $16 million 
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