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A compendium of revealing stats and the key leading economic and business indicators from the latest edition of BusinessWeek magazine. Paid subscription required to view some of the  articles at BusinessWeek Online :

Most academics and consultants who study online advertising estimate that 10% to 15% of ad clicks are fake, representing roughly $1 billion in annual billings. In June, researcher Outsell Inc. released a blind survey of 407 advertisers, 37% of which said they had reduced or were planning to reduce their pay-per-click budgets because of fraud concerns

Spending on Internet ads is growing faster than any other sector of the advertising industry and is expected to surge from $12.5 billion last year to $29 billion in 2010 in the U.S. alone, according to researcher eMarketer Inc. About half of these dollars are going into deals requiring advertisers to pay by the click. Most other Internet ads are priced according to "impressions," or how many people view them. (Click Fraud: The dark side of online advertising - BW)

Crude prices have dropped 19% from their mid-July peak of $77 per barrel, and wholesale gasoline prices have plunged 35% since early August, easing inflation worries in addition to boosting the purchasing power of consumers. The National Retail Federation is already predicting a solid 5% gain in holiday sales vs. 2005.

A 20% drop in gas prices from the third quarter to the fourth quarter could free up some $65 billion in households' aftertax income. If only half of that money were spent, it could lift the quarter's overall economic growth by about one full percentage point. (U.S.: The Fed Could Go Into Hibernation This Winter - WSJ)

Exports of all U.S. goods and services through July have expanded by 12% vs. the same period in 2005, with capital-goods exports accounting for as much as  35% of that gain. Demand for U.S. capital goods should remain healthy, as IMF expects economic growth to clock in at 4.9% next year, on top of a forecasted gain of 5.1% this year. (Exports: Capital-Goods Companies Catch The Wave - BW) 35%
Capital Goods Export
Housing starts in August fell 20% from a year earlier, twice the drop economists expected. And in a sign that starts could fall even more, an index of homebuilders' optimism plunged in September to its lowest level since the banking crisis of 1991. (Commentary: Stocks Can Handle The Housing Chill - BW) 20%
Housing Decline
As the the biggest firms sold mortgage loans for a fee to hedge funds and other investors, mortgage-backed securities issuance soared from $184.5 billion in 2000 to nearly $1 trillion in 2005, generating more than $1 billion in fees last year. (Bad Blood Over Bad Loans - BW) $1 Trillion
Luxury car profit margins can top 15%, if managed right, vs. around 5% to 6% at best for mass-market vehicles. (Does Ford Deserve All The Street's Heat? - BW) 15%
Luxury cars
In June this year, Microsoft had 68% of the server market in India, vs. Linux' 21%, compared with 70% for Microsoft and 11% for Linux two years ago. About 3% of India's PCs use Linux, about triple the level in the U.S. (Linux Spreads Its Wings In India - BW) 21%
Foreigners have spent more than $23 billion on stakes in 20 Chinese banks. Beijing limits total foreign ownership in any Chinese bank to 25%, and any individual bank can hold just 20%. Foreigners control just 2% of assets in the Chinese banking system. (How Beijing Is Keeping Banks At Bay - BW) $23B 
Combined M&A market share of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynchis running at 77% through August, vs. 94% in 2005. Boutique investment banks specializing in M&A have outperformed in their IPOs,  handily beating the 4% gain for IPOs overall this year. (A Hot IPO Market For Boutique Banks - BW) 77%
M&A Fee
Global music publishing revenues in 2005 hit $4.25 billion, up8% from 2004. (Finding Nirvana In A Music Catalog - BW) $4.25B
Holders of vested, backdated options owe not just regular income tax but also a 20% penalty and possibly interest as well. Research firm Glass, Lewis & Co. says 138 businesses so far are under internal or government investigation for options backdating. (Those Options Could Cost You - BW) 138
Options Backdating
Research to be published in Academy of Management Learning & Education found that 56% of business grad students admitted to cheating in the past academic year. That's more than the 47% of nonbusiness grad students making the same admission. (MBA Students Are No. 1—At Cheating - BW) 56%
MBAs Cheating

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