Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics devices jump 6 fold by 2011

The total number of Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics devices will grow from just 40 million shipped in 2006 to nearly 249 million in 2011, according to a new study from ABI Research. Wi-Fi networking is expected to become a key enabler for delivery and redistribution of content in the home, particularly for retail consumer electronics hardware. ABI Research believes that as the market evolves towards digital distribution, the growth will be fueled by the inclusion of embedded Wi-Fi in consumer electronics.
The market today is led by portable gaming consoles. Nintendo and Sony have equipped their latest generation devices with Wi-Fi for multiplayer and online gaming. The new Zune from Microsoft signals the beginning of a large scale movement towards embedded Wi-Fi in portable media players. Camera vendors such as Nikon, Kodak and Canon have all embraced Wi-Fi in their products. Line-powered devices such as gaming consoles, DVD players and audio receivers are all expected to see high attach rates for Wi-Fi during the forecast period.

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