83% Would Buy More Online if Retailers Added More Web 2.0 Features

E-Commerce sites loose as many as 67% of consumers; many abandon their shopping carts due to a lack of product information. The "Online Merchandising Survey" research brief released by Allurent details consumer perception on online shopping. 

Increased interactive elements and innovative ways to display and purchase products would drive online sales for 83% of survey respondents. Web 2.0 style feature enhancements include:

  • mix and match outfits where shoppers can put together an entire outfit on screen (44%); 
  • 360-degree product views (78%); 
  • side-by-side comparisons (63%); 
  • personalization or customizable products (53%).

64% of consumers say they prefer bricks-and-mortar stores for: 

  • better understanding of products (71%); 
  • more fun to browse (55%); 
  • easier research and comparison (30%); 
  • and it's easier to buy a specific product (23%).

Retailers already employ Web 2.0 features online, even if it's just to test the market. "We think the Web in five years won't look anything like it does today, but today looks a lot like it did five years ago," says Allurent. (check E-Commerce 2.0 - a quiet revolution)

Consumers often browse online stores, even if they don't intend to buy. 68% say they browse online more than in the past, compared to 23% who say they browse about the same.

The data are derived from a survey of 803 U.S. adult residents. The survey was conducted across four age groups: 18 to 24; 25 to 34; 35 to 49 and over 50. Across all groups the distribution was 59% male and 41% female.

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