Mobile security products market to reach $5billion and 247 phones by 2011

The market for mobile security products, including anti-virus, VPN, data and file encryption and mobile identity management applications, will reach almost $5billion by 2011 and be installed on 247m mobile phones by that time, according to a study from Juniper Research.  

Highlights from the study include:

  • The biggest mobile security opportunity will be in the secure mobile content sector (anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and content filtering) with 40% of the total market
  • Mobile Biometric solutions will contribute some $268million worth of revenue of the total mobile identity and access management market ($1.36billion) by 2011
  • An increase of nearly $4billion from the 2006 figure of $827million to create a combined mobile security market worth $4.8billion by 2011
  • By 2011, 247million mobile users worldwide (just under 8% of total) will be using their mobile security products on their mobile phones


The factors driving this new market segment include:


  • The security risk of identity theft.
  • The unauthorised access to corporate networks by mobile devices.
  • The growing threat of mobile viruses and malware.
  • Corporate governance and state legislation.
  • The increased dependence by mobile users on the delivery and storage of critical data on their mobile phones.

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