VC Funding for CityVoter, Voddler, MSpot, Yelp, 3VR and more...

VC Deal Flow

Yelp (local social networking and directory services): $10 million
Avolent (electronic billing and payment software): $9 million
Zannel (mobile media company): $6 million
Get Lower (online real estate financing): $3 million
Visual i|o (visual enterprise analytics solutions): $3 million
MSpot (cell phone audio and video entertainment):$2.33 million
B5Media (blogging network): $2 million
Voddler (virtual cable television system): $2.2 million
Chip Estimate (architectural-level chip planning sol.):$3.5 million
CityVoter (online city guides for media companies): $1.1 million
3VR Security (video surveillance company): $15 million
More VC Insights at: PE Week, VentureBeat

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