CIOs struggle to create IT metrics that align with business goals

IT metrics need align closely with business goals to achieve top performance. A recent global survey of 150 CIOs by Accenture found that top performers base IT investment decisions on their ability to drive the business forward, but few companies have created the right IT metrics to help them do it. 75% of companies surveyed recognize the need for such metrics, but only 33% currently use them, according to the study. 
The report highlights:

  • CIOs must create metrics that show the business how IT is meeting its needs, in "digestible and understandable" terms.
  • Measure IT's overall performance using a scorecard. This should cover IT's contribution to the business, project sponsor and employee satisfaction, and IT spending on operating costs versus new technology investments.
  • Create a business case for each IT initiative, highlighting costs, benefits and business processes to be affected. Then IT needs to report on the initiative. 

The highest-performing companies in the study (as measured by 33 criteria such as effectiveness of skills management and leadership in technology innovation) were more willing to invest in new technologies, such as SOA and Web portals. (via

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