IT Manager Jobs Up 44% In 5 Years; Programming & Support Declined 19%

The number of IT managers employed in the United States has jumped 44% since the dot-com collapse of 2001, compared with a 19% decline in the number of programming and support jobs. That translates into 119,000 new IT managers during the same five-year span that programming and support jobs have shrunk by 200,000. Distribution of the 3.48 million IT jobs in the U.S.:
  • Software Engineers - 25%
  • Computer Scientists and Systems Analysts - 22%
  • Programmers - 16%
  • Systems Managers - 11%
  • Others - 26%
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, managers now represent 11.2% of IT employment, the fourth-largest tech job category, up from 7.8% in mid-2001, when it was the sixth-largest job category. The surging number of managers reflects the skills that companies value and the way IT is used and implemented in business today.

Besides managers, the other IT category that added a lot of jobs in recent years is computer software engineer, up 117,000, or 16%, since 2001. The three largest IT job categories--software engineer, computer scientist and system analyst, and programmer--still employ 60% of IT people.

IT job descriptions used to be 90% technology buzzwords. Now they're 10% technology and 90% about being able to drive the business, according to an IT recruiter at Mandolfo Associates. (InformationWeek report)

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