VC Funding for Cellfish, RevCube, LeadPoint, AirPlay, Greystripe and more...

VC Deal Flow

Cellfish Media (content for mobile phones): $50 million
IntegriChain (security intelligence to pharma.): $2 million (online marketing relevancy): $14 million
Intent MediaWorks (digital media distribution): $1.2 million 
InforSense (enterprise real-time analytics): $10 million
Ripe Digital (video-on-demand digital entertainment): $32 million
Smalltown (user-generated content for local communities): $3 million
Ruckus Wireless (home networking company): $16 million
Intelliworks (CRM solutions for higher education): $10 million
LeadPoint (online leads exchange marketplace): $2 million
AirPlay Network (cell phone-based interactive games): $14 million (book doctor’s appointments online): $2.5 million
Greystripe (free, ad-supported games for mobile phones): $1.2 million
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