Outlook for Market and IT Research - Over 10% Growth to Reach $43 billion

Market research will achieve 11-12 percent growth every year through 2009 to reach $39.7 billion while IT research will grow between 7.5% and 9%, to reach $3.2 billion by 2009, according to information industry research and advisory firm Outsell. The research industry includes companies like VNU, Forrester Research, Corporate Executive Board, Harris Interactive, WebSideStory, Telephia, and Info-Tech Research Group that provide research, syndicated market information, subscription-based measurement services, and offline and online panels.

  Market Research IT Research
The top 10  VNU, 
TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres), 
IMS Health, Inc., 
WPP Insight, Info & Cons.,
GfK AG, 
Information Resources, Inc.,
Westat, Inc., 
Corporate Executive Board
Forrester Research,
Nielsen/Net Ratings, Telephia, 
AMR Research, 
Yankee Group Research, Analysys, 
Rising Stars and Leader Board LiveWorld, 
Health Grades, 
Harris Interactive, 
IMS Health, 
Synovate, and GfK AG. 
Cutter Consortium, ITToolbox, 
Info-Tech Research Group, 
Telephia, and 
Burton Group.
Source: Outsell MarketView report (October 2006)

Report Highlights:

  • The market research segment enjoys continued opportunities to expand into China, India, Latin America and the Middle East. 
  • M&A will remain a key component of double-digit revenue growth, as will products that harness Web data.
  • Gartner will continue to lead the IT research segment and create a pricing umbrella favorable to all research firms. 
  • Continued market demand for hands-on tactical implementation tools and membership-board businesses will push growth forward.

Rising Stars and Leader Board organizations whose innovation, agility and market focus are driving growth include:

  • Market Research: LiveWorld, WebSideStory, Health Grades, Harris Interactive, IMS Health, Synovate, and GfK AG. 
  • IT Research: Cutter Consortium, Information Technology Toolbox, Info-Tech Research Group, Telephia, and Burton Group.

The top 10 market research companies include VNU, TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres) plc, IMS Health, Inc., WPP Insight, Info & Consultancy, GfK AG, Ipsos, Information Resources, Inc., Synovate, Westat, Inc., and Corporate Executive Board. Top 10 IT research firms include Gartner, IDC, Forrester Research, Nielsen/Net Ratings, Telephia, AMR Research, Ovum, Yankee Group Research, Analysys, and TowerGroup.

Outsell, Inc., the only research and advisory firm for the information industry worldwide, announced publication of its second annual MarketView report, Market and IT Research, Reports & Services: 2006 Market Size, Share, Forecast and Trend Report. The MarketView analyzes the size, growth rates, financial performance, and market shares of the top 25 companies in both the market and IT research segments. It looks at organizations that are “rising stars” and disruptive new entrants, as well as change drivers and trend points. The report also provides clear and essential actions for continued growth.

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