CEO and Directors Pay Up Again - Reports The Conference Board

Median total compensation for U.S. CEOs was higher in all industries in 2005, according to in The Conference Board's annual study on CEO and directors pay. 

Median total CEO compensation (salary, bonus and long-term pay) was highest in the construction industry at $2,604,000. It was lowest in computer services at $848,000. Total current compensation (salary plus bonus) was again highest in construction at $1,936,000 and lowest in computer services at $805,000. The highest median salary, $700,000, was in communications; lowest was computer services, which paid $441,000.

Median total compensation for outside (non-employee) directors of U.S. boards is higher than last year's median in all three major industry sectors covered in The Conference Board's annual study of outside director pay. 

In manufacturing, median total compensation for outside directors is now $109,000, up from $91,250 in 2005. The service sector is $106,250 this year, up from $81,875 last year. Financial services increased from $64,500 in 2005 to $83,000. Total compensation includes fees, retainers, committee pay, and all forms of stock compensation.

Median basic annual compensation (the mix of fees and retainers for board service plus committee pay) is up in all three industry sectors. Manufacturing increased from $59,150 to $65,000; financial services increased from $48,000 to $50,300; and services from $57,000 to $60,500.

Sources: The 2006 Top Executive Compensation (Report No. 1394)
Directors' Compensation and Board Practices in 2006 (Report No. 1396), The Conference Board

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