E-mail Marketing Metrics and Stats: E-Mail Relevance Rules

The majority of e-mail marketers are failing to use e-mail as a relevant marketing tool, at the same time that consumers are spending less time and attention on e-mail, according to Jupiter Research VP and research director David Daniels, reports ClickZ. Typical E-Mail targeting tactics, based on Jupiter Surveys are:
  • 25% - broadcast e-mail campaigns with no differentiation or targeting
  • 65% - limited personalization and limited segmentation
  • 11% - targeted campaigns with purchase history, click-stream activity, or targeted offers
And the performance reflects the marketing effort:

E-mail campaign performance by targeting effort

  Average open rate Average click-through rate Average conversion rate 
Untargeted broadcast e-mails 20% 9.5% 1.1%
Campaigns triggered from user actions 27% 9.3% 2.3%
Lifecycle messaging campaigns 26% 14% 2.8%
Campaigns that integrate Web site clickstream data  33% 14% 3.9%
Source: Jupiter Research

The increased efforts and costs are usually offset by increased revenue as triggered campaigns on average bring in 171% more revenue than broadcast campaigns, lifecycle campaigns perform 389% better, and clickstream campaigns perform 781% better than broadcast.

Increasing relevance can considerably impact consumers' buying decisions as relevance leads to immediate purchases by 60% of respondents and deferred purchases by 58%. Subject line personalization leads to only 9% of immediate purchases and 8% of deferred purchases.

Another recent Jupiter survey finds 54% of respondents saying they clicked on a link in an e-mail because the product or service interested them. 40% do so when copy piqued their interest, while 35% are influenced by the subject line. Only 12% of respondents say a single large image influenced their decision to click, and 9% are influenced by several smaller images.

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