VC Funding for, Netsize, SodaHead, Fanlib, Zvents and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow (online news communities): $15 million
Alien Technology (RFID tagging company): $15 million
Access 360 Media (in-store entertainment network): $4.25 million
Netsize (France - mobile messaging and billing): Euro13.2 million
SodaHead (social networking startup): $4.25 million
BridgePort Networks (mobile VoIP network Sol.): $13 million
FanLib (user-generated entertainment content): $3 million
Powerset (natural language search engine): $12.5 million
World of Good (“fair trade” globally-sourced goods): $4 million
Bunchball (online multi-player gaming): $2 million
Zvents (local events search): $7 million
More VC Insights at: PEHub, VentureBeat

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