Internet Search Results in 38% Job Offers vs. 24% for Newspapers

Over 70% of all job seekers reported using newspapers and online ads to look for employment, but most job offers of 38.2% are attributed to the Internet search, according to a recent research from  The Conference Board.

Job Offers Most Often Attributed to the Internet

  How Job Seekers Look For a Job How They Find a Job offer
Internet 71.1% 38.2%
Newspapers 70.6% 23.9%
Networking  49.2% 27.1%
Other 26.5% 29.9%

Source: The Conference Board. Based on Persons Who Reported Searching for a Job between January 1 and September 30, 2006 and received a job offer.

Online and print ads were not mutually exclusive, with most job seekers using more than one method. But searching print and online ads ranked well above other job search methods such as networking with friends and colleagues (49.2% of job seekers) and other activities including using employment agencies (26.5% of job seekers).  

Among respondents who received a job offer, the largest percentage (38%) feels that their job offer resulted from their Internet search. About 27% attribute their job offer to networking with friends and colleagues and "other," including employment agencies (30%). Newspapers were the least likely to be cited as the source of a job offer with 24% of respondents citing print ads.

The research shows that the Internet is being used for a variety of job search functions from gathering employer/job information (68% of job seekers), submitting resumes and applications (66%), to posting resumes on a website (42%) and signing up for email notifications (39%).

This data on job search methods is based on a nationally representative sample of 5,000 households surveyed monthly for The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index and is conducted on behalf of The Conference Board by TNS. Just under half of the job seekers in this survey reported receiving a job offer. Respondents could include more than one source in their answer to the question on the source of their job offer.

Over 1200 Internet job boards are tracked monthly in The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series™, which now publishes monthly data for 50 states, 52 major metropolitan areas as well as occupational data.

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