Five Distinct Faces of Broadband Users: Content King vs. Social Clicker, and more...

Currently, more than one-third  (102.5 million) of all Americans access the Internet via a broadband connection. JupiterResearch predicts that 79 million US  households will have broadband access by 2011.  On average, a broadband user spends more than two hours a week day accessing web sites that speak to their special interests, according to Media-Screen. 

Media-Screen's new Netpop | Portraits study investigates the broadband population and finds five distinct online personalities. Netpop | Portraits' segments reflect real users -- what they like to do online, why they do it and how they do it. The report focuses on how companies can appeal to consumers' needs and interests and where their target audience can be found on the web. 

The five distinct segments of users differ by attitudes and behaviors, as well as by gender, age, income and other factors:

Netpop | Portraits - broadband population 

Personality Type Online Behavior
The Content King
  • value entertainment
  • 76% regularly play games online
  • 75% visit websites for personal reasons
  • spends more than 2.5 hours online on a typical weekday
The Social Clicker
  • value communications and relies on the Internet to maintain relationships .
  • 78% contribute to Internet content or information in a typical month
  • spends 57% of their time going online for communications versus 10% for news/information and 8% on shopping
The Online Insider
  • value every aspect of the web with equal enthusiasm 
  • 86% of Online Insiders contribute to Internet content in a typical month via blogs, community sites, rating sites, chat rooms, etc.
  • spends over $130 a month shopping online
The Fast Tracker
  • value news and information
  • 77% regularly read news online
  • 65% regularly look for maps, directions, public transportation information
The Everyday Pro 
  • value online personal productivity tools
  • 84% regularly bank online
  • 68% regularly shop online
Source: Netpop | Portraits: 

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