10-15 Sec. Video Ads Preferred; Consumers Play Only 15% of an Online Video or Audio

Approximately 85% of all online audio/video activities were concentrated on the top 5 categories - Entertainment, Technology, News & Politics, Music,  and Sports. While technology is by far the most popular audio content, entertainment dominates the total % of video plays with 36% of all online video played, but only 6% of available video, according to PdZinger research. Other highlights:
  • Consumers typically play only 15% of an entire online video or audio (the average run time for video is 7.5 minutes and audio is 22 minutes). 
  • Consumers will listen to audio for almost 3 times longer (an average of 3 min.) as they will watch a video (an average of 1 min).
  • Consumers are 6 times more likely to play content online than they are to download it. 

Highlights from the interview-based market research (by Pathfinder Innovation for PodZinger):

  • Consumers are willingly accept short 10-15 seconds ads that appear during their search for online audio and video content, and prefer to the typical 30-second TV commercials. 
  • A high percentage of respondents viewed targeted advertisements that were relevant to their online search as positive and more personal

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