Mobile Gaming Trends and Web 2.0; Average Session 28 min./Day

Mobile phone gamers are looking to the next generation of mobile gaming, according to new research from Nokia. Mobile phone gamers frequently play mobile games for an average of 28 minutes per session, prefer to trial games before buying, and find communities increasingly integral to their overall mobile gaming experience.  

Play more, play longer: The mobile phone gamers surveyed frequently play mobile games, with 80% playing at least once a week and 34% playing every day. 

The average length of a session is 28 minutes with:

  • India (39 minutes), 
  • United States (31 minutes) 
  • and Thailand (29 minutes) playing longer than average. 

Mobile phone games are played on the move (61%) almost as much as they are played at home (62%).  Mobile phone gamers are making the most of their idle time with 56% preferring to play while waiting. 

Try before you buy:

  • 43% would prefer to trial two to three games per week as opposed to only one (21%). 
  • Post-trial, the majority (65%) would prefer to pay for a full game outright rather than buy a subscription (27%). 
  • When it comes to getting games, over-the-internet (OTI) distribution (34%) is almost as popular as over-the-air (OTA) distribution (45%). 

Connect, compete and share:  

  • Globally, 45% play multiplayer games on their mobile phones at least once a month. 
  • India tops with 56% playing at least once a week and one in four playing everyday. 
  • 62% of players want to share game demos with their friends and 79% would trial games sent by friends. 

"Web 2.0 saw the birth of a new, more empowered use of the internet and with the next generation of mobile gaming we are on the brink of the same evolution," says Jaakko Kaidesoja, director, games, multimedia, Nokia.

Blogosphere Speaks on Nokia Research:

About the Research: Nokia commissioned Nielsen Entertainment to conduct research in six countries worldwide. One hour interviews were carried out with 1800 participants across China, Germany, India, Spain, Thailand and the United States. 

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