VC Funding for Mind Candy, Danger, Dhruva, RipCode, YouSendIt and more...

Next Big Thing: VC Deal Flow

Dhruva Interactive (India- interactive gaming): $5 M
Mind Candy (London - gaming company): $10.86 million
OZ Communications (Canada- mobile messaging): $34 M
Danger (mobile communications s/w & services): $10.3 M
Where Are You Now (Travel & lifestyle social network):$11M
Bungee Labs (system for next-generation Web apps.): $7 M (China- wireless application protocol firm):$8M
RipCode (Internet video content technology): $7 M
YouSendIt (online file delivery solutions): $4.7 M
Skelta Software (India - BPM workflow software): $1.5 M

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