Nanotech Venture Capital to Exceed $650 Million in 2006 - Lux Research

Total VC investments in nanotech start-ups will reach $650 million in 2006, according to Lux Research. However, with the long expected time from investment to exit of six years, exits are thin on the ground in Nanotech, according to a new report from Lux Research. 

Other Highlights from Lux Research on Nanotech VC environment:

  • The average deal to date in 2006 comes to $11.5 million, 19% higher than 2005's $9.6 million.
  • In 2006 through September, 121 different institutional venture capitalists invested in nanotech start-ups. 
  • 10 venture-backed nanotech start-ups have managed an IPO of shares, raising an aggregate $417.2 million at their debuts with a total implied valuation of $1.69 billion.

The report  entitled "Exits for Venture Capitalists in Nanotechnology Remain Elusive" also provides valuation data on nanotech start-ups which have exited to date and a comparison of exits for nanotech start-ups to exits by venture-backed companies as a whole, worldwide.

The Top 20 Nanotechnology start-ups according to Lux Research rankings released on October:

1) NanoOpto

2) A123Systems, Aspen Aerogels, Oxonica

3) NeoPhotonics

4) Molecular Imprints, Nanosys

5) Imago Scientific Instruments

6) Catalytic Solutions, Nanogate, Nanosphere

7) NanoInk, Nano-Tex, Nantero

8) Dendritic NanoTechnologies, Five Star Technologies, Integran, ItN Nanovation

9) Ormecon Chemie

10) NanoDynamics


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