When Combined, Display & Search Ads Provide 80% Lift - Research

New research shows that online search and display advertising deliver profoundly better results when combined than when used independently.  Avenue A | Razorfish study (for "Actionable Analytics" report) that measures the interaction between display media and search revealed that the group exposed to display media were 27% more likely to click on a branded search term as compared to the display media control group. 

Additionally, the exposed group was 41% more likely to convert on the search click, compared to the control group (conversion was defined as completing an online purchase). The compounded effect of the increased propensity to click on search terms and to convert on those clicks equates to an 80% lift number.

In a another study entitled "Close the Loop: Understanding Search and Display Synergy," . conducted by comScore Networks for yahoo, online users who were exposed to both the search and display advertising campaigns increased their share of page views relative to competitive sites by 68%, and time spent by 66%. 

More importantly, among those exposed to both the search and display ads, purchases of the advertiser's products and services increased by 244% online and 89% offline compared to online users with similar behavior who were not exposed to these ads.

The study also found that exposure to a display advertisement increased related trademark term searches (brand, company or product names) by an average of 26% during the campaign flight. 

"Our clients have asked us to help them understand the value of running coordinated search and display campaigns, and until now, much of the data in the marketplace has been anecdotal," said, Beth Taylor, vice president of media for Digitas. "Compelling research like this will help agencies and marketers' alike better leverage the combined strengths of search and display advertising to improve customer engagement."

The comScore/Yahoo research was based on results from actual advertising campaigns from Fortune 100 companies in several vertical categories. The overall results showed that when viewed together, campaigns that take advantage of both search and display advertising are far more engaging and effective than those viewed individually. 

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