Top 10 Surveys, Polls, and Market Research for Today

Here is a list of the some key surveys, polls, studies and market research reports that came out today, which may have implications for consumers and/or businesses.

 Canadians increasingly burdened by wealth: study AFP via Yahoo! News
Rich in resources, Canada skyrocketed near the top of wealthiest nations to become the only G7 country with a budget surplus this decade, but individual Canadians are increasingly burdened by debts, says a new study.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales top first Xbox: NPD Reuters via Yahoo! News
The U.S. sales of Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 video game console during its first 13 months in stores were 6 percent higher than comparable sales of the original Xbox, market research group NPD said on Thursday.

Poll: 'IM-ing' divides teens, adults AP via Yahoo! News 
Teenager Michelle Rome can't imagine life without instant messaging. Baby boomer Steve Wilson doesn't care that it even exists. They're part of an "instant messaging gap" between teens and adults. And the division is wide, says an AP-AOL survey on how Americans use or snub those Internet bursts of gossip, happy date-making and teen tragedies that young people exchange by the hour while

Pew Poll: U.S. Homeowners Optimistic AP via Yahoo! Finance 
Recent broad declines in prices have slightly dented the outlook of U.S. homeowners, as a new poll published Wednesday shows they remain mostly optimistic about the value of their property. 

Survey: Fewer affordable homes available USA Today
The supply of affordable housing continued to dwindle this year despite weakening home prices, according to one-third of local housing officials who responded to a survey by the National League of Cities.

Toyota Boasts Most Loyal Customers, Survey Shows Fox News
According to a survey, Toyota retains the highest percentage of vehicle buyers, even as overall retention declined in the industry.

Latest survey on men's fashion shows stunning result China Daily
A survey on fashion released by Horizon Research Consultancy Group and Shanghai Fashion Research Institute on Monday shows that men from Beijing are very interested in face-lifting, and their monthly spending on this item reaches 119.4 yuan (US$15.17), while men in Shanghai enjoy looking in mirrors, averaging 17 minutes everyday.

Survey taps into consumer nano fears
US consumers are willing to use specific nanotechnology products – even if there are health and safety risks – when the potential benefits are high, according to a survey.  

FOX News Poll: Iraq Study Group Report Will Not Make A Difference Fox News
A plurality of Americans thinks the report of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group will make no difference in Iraq, while minorities divide between saying it will make things better and will make things worse, according to a FOX News Poll conducted this week.

E-Poll Market Research Provides 'Yules-ful' Holiday Information
The Results of the E-Poll Holiday Survey: Not quite a lump of coal, but ... - eBay may be too complicated for some: 40% of respondents admit to re-gifting over the holidays. Friends receive the most re-gifted presents (29%), as opposed to co-workers (15%). - 40% say they will give out gift cards instead of presents to some on their list.

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