4Kids Gets Into $5 billion-a-year Trading Card Business, No Kidding

4Kids Entertainment, marketer of popular trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, plans to change from a licensing agent to a key player in the growing $5 billion-a-year industry.

4Kids (KDE) bought rights to a Danish game, Chaotic, and is starting a trading card division that will handle all facets of the business, reports USA Today.

Fans spent $15 billion on Pokémon goods since 1998, and $6 billion on Yu-Gi-Oh! since 2000

Chaotic also faces lots of competition, including a new card series based on the series Ben 10, which airs on Cartoon Network.

"We're going to bring entertainment back to where the kids are," says Bryan Gannon, who leads the Chaotic trading card and online efforts. A Wi-Fi enabled scanner, which can capture card images, "will be the key toy for the brand."

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