Can Consumer-Created Content Help to Tap $3B Teens Spend Online?

American teenage shoppers are becoming an increasingly influential online consumer retail demographic and will spend $3 billion online in 2006, according to a JupiterResearch report, "Teen Online Shoppers: Reach Teen Influencers and Early Adopters Through Consumer-Created Content". 
  • According to the report, 25% of teens say their parents always take into account their opinion about household purchases.
  • Of teens who make purchases online, 83% still make purchases with their parents present, via their parents' credit or debit card. 

"Even though teens account for only three percent of online sales right now, they can be very influential on overall household buying," said Patti Freeman Evans, JupiterResearch Senior Analyst and lead author of the report.

"Retailers should look to consumer-created content and sites with expert advice to target early-adopter teens," said David Schatsky, president of JupiterKagan. "Teenagers are internet-savvy and retailers must understand their characteristics and behaviors to catch them as  they begin making their first independent online purchases."

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