FT: Non-Public 150 Companies Worth $7 trillion, Dominated by Oil and Private Equity

The first comprehensive study of the world’s largest unlisted companies, "The FT’s Non-Public 150" by the Financial Times and McKinsey, found that Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian state company that sits on by far the world’s largest conventional oil reserves, is worth an estimated $781 billion, some 80% larger than the $454 billion market capitalization of its publicly listed rival ExxonMobil. 

Other Highlights from FT's Non-Public 150 list:

  • McKinsey estimates that the world’s largest non-public 150 companies would be worth a total $7,000 billion if they had been listed in 2005 – roughly half the market value of the largest 150 listed companies.
  • The FT Non-Public 150 companies employ some 13 million people, compared to more than 19 million working for the 150 largest listed groups
  • 12 of the largest 13 companies are state oil groups from developing countries
  • Six of the top 30 companies in the FT’s Non-Public list are buy-out funds 
  • Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) private equity firm is the largest privately-owned company in the US, and the largest privately-held financial services institution in the world, with a market value of $104 billion.
  • Carlyle would have a market capitalization of $89bn in McKinsey’s analysis, followed by Texas Pacific Group ($75B) and Blackstone ($74B)
  • Two largest U.S. private industrial corporations Koch and Cargill have estimated market values of $52B and $48B respectively.

The FT Non-Public 150 for the first time brings together the world’s biggest unquoted companies in a single list. However the FT Non-Public 150 is not a performance ranking. The figures represent a best guess – based solely on often incomplete public information – at the market value of these entities had the shares been listed on public markets at the end of last year.

More details at FT.com: http://www.ft.com/companies/npc

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