Top 10 Surveys, Polls, and Market Research Insights on Trends for Today

Here is a list of the some key surveys, polls, studies and market research reports that came out today, which may have implications for consumers and/or businesses.

New Research Finds America's Love of Sandwiches Creates a $121 Billion Market
Call them what you will -- clubs, gyros, melts, po'boys, muffalettas, wraps, or subs -- Americans' love of sandwiches created a market worth more than $121 billion in 2005, according to Sandwiches in the U.S.: Foodservice and Retail Market and Trends, the latest market research from Packaged Facts.

MMI: Assets in Separately Managed Accounts Reach a Record $805.8 Billion During 3Q 2006 
Assets under management in separately managed accounts have grown $32 billion, or 4.1%, to reach $805.8 billion in the third quarter, according to data published by the Money Management Institute , the national organization representing the managed account solutions industry.

India will overtake China's growth by 2007
India is set to surpass China as the fastest-growing economy in Asia next year on the back of increasing consumer demand and public investment in infrastructure, a report by global research firm Credit Suisse has said. The firm's most significant growth upgrade for 2007 is in India from 8.5 per cent to 10 per cent, surpassing China to become the top growth performer in the region, Credit Suisse research analyst Dong Tao said in the report. 

Research Report: For Fifth Year, Cable Projected to Beat Out Broadcast in Prime 
For the fifth consecutive year, ad-supported cable is projected to beat out the broadcast networks in prime time, boasting a 55.4 percent household share year-to-date, compared to the six broadcast nets’ 40.4 share.

Intelligent Kids More Likely to Become Vegetarians, Study Says 
Children with a higher intelligence quotient at age 10 are more likely to become vegetarians later in life, according to a study published online today by the British Medical Journal. People with an IQ of 110 were two-and-a-half times more likely to avoid eating meat, the lead author of the study, Catherine Gale of the University of Southampton, said.

Americans can't live without microwaves, computers, other products: poll
The majority of Americans say they can't live without microwaves, air conditioning, home computers and other products once considered luxury items, according to a poll released.The poll by the Pew Research Center showed that the number of everyday consumer products Americans believe they must have has multiplied in the past decade.

Zogby Poll Reveals Gift Cards as Popular Choice
According to a new Zogby Interactive poll, nearly half (49 percent) of America’s shoppers are including gift cards in their holiday plans. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they like receiving gift cards because they can choose exactly what they want.

Parks Associates: Market for Wireless Multimedia Networking to Exceed 50M Units by 2010 
Industry adoption of next-generation specifications will provide a substantial boost to the market for wireless multimedia networking, prompting growth in excess of 50 million wireless network devices by 2010, according to The Wireless Multimedia LAN: Requirements and Outlook.

China, India set to lead Asia Pacific in IT spending 
The Asia-Pacific region looks set for a technology boom with the two powerhouses, China and India, leading the pack in terms of IT spending, a research report said Thursday. China is expected to account for 32% of the region's technology market next year while India makes up 23%, according to International Data Corp (IDC). Emerging economies such as Vietnam and Indonesia are also geared for a bull run in their IT markets with projected growth rates of around 12%. Excluding Japan, the Asia-Pacific market is forecast to increase by 10% in 2007 to reach $132 billion.

Study: Growth in Net for home research
A new study finds that more Americans are using the Internet to find a place to live, thanks to the greater wealth of home listings and other real estate information online. The Pew Internet and American Life Project said Wednesday that 39% of Americans have gone online in search of a place to buy or rent.

Telecom CRM, e-Commerce & Analytics Market to Reach $1.3 Billion in 2010 
A new study from telecom market research and consulting firm Dittberner Associates predicts resurgent growth in the market for CRM and related customer assurance software.

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