7 Most Popular  Big Picture Trends by the Numbers This Week

Here are the 7 most popular business, technology and market trends by the numbers this week on Metrics 2.0:


 1 Richest 2% Own Half World Wealth; Bottom 50% Own 1% - UN Report

Millionaires and Billionaires

  Wealth ($)
Number above
1 million
10 million
100 million
1 billion
The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of global household wealth according to a study released today by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER).

Using currency exchange rates, global household wealth amounted to $125 trillion in the year 2000, equivalent to roughly three times the value of total global production (GDP) or to $20,500 per person. 


 2 Despite Long Tail Predictions for Online Ads, Top 10 Get 72% of Revenue, AdAge

Despite the talk about how the democratizing web has opened a brave new long tail (coined by Wired Editor Chris Anderson) world for Internet ad dollars, the top 10 companies online accounted for 72% of all interactive ad revenue last year, up from 71% in 2004, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau's analysis of revenue by company size, reports AdAge in "The Short Tail: Big Players Still Dominate Online Ad Sales". 


 3 Top 10 Fastest Growing New Media According to Marketers Worldwide, ICOM

A recent ICOM survey asked its members worldwide whether any traditional media choices were on the decline with no chance of recovery as a result of new ways of reaching audiences and, if so, which ones: Almost half (42%) named newspapers, followed by radio and television (20% each), magazines (18%), cinema (16%) and outdoor (6%). 


 4 Digital Music Market to Reach $14.9 billion by 2010, iSuppli

The global market for digital recorded music, delivered via broadband and over mobile phones, is expected to grow nearly 600% from $$2.7 billion in 2005 to reach $14.9 billion by 2010, according to iSuppli research. This amounts to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of a very impressive 40.7%.

Mobile music has been driven by the popularity of ringtones and ringtunes, and is now migrating to full-track music downloads. The broadband music market has been led by iTunes music store. The overall broadband music subscription services grew to about 2.5 million subscribers at the end of 2005.


 5 When Combined, Display & Search Ads Provide 80% Lift - Research

New research shows that online search and display advertising deliver profoundly better results when combined than when used independently.  Avenue A | Razorfish study (for "Actionable Analytics" report) that measures the interaction between display media and search revealed that the group exposed to display media were 27% more likely to click on a branded search term as compared to the display media control group. 


 6 World Economic Forum Announced 47 Technology Pioneers 2007: US (26), UK(6), India(3)

The World Economic Forum has announced 47 visionary companies selected as Technology Pioneers 2007. The Technology Pioneers 2007 were nominated by the world’s leading venture capital and technology companies. The final selection from 225 nominees was made by a panel of leading technology experts appointed by the World Economic Forum.


 7 Peak Traffic to Music Sites Exceed Half a Million Visitors per Minute

Daily peak traffic worldwide to music sites is more than half a million visitors per minute, according to the Akamai. The Akamai Net Usage Index for Digital Music provides a global aggregate view of total visitors per minute, as well as a detailed view by continent, from a collection of digital music sites delivered by Akamai. Other insights include:


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