Teens Take UGC and Social Networking TO GO!

Teens are expanding their social networks to the mobile realm, with over 50% of the 13 to 17-year-olds from major markets are engaging in social networking or otherwise creating content on mobile phones, according to the latest monthly statistics from M:Metrics. Italian teens lead the charge with 70% participation while it's under 37% among US teens.

"Much as teens were the early adopters of PC-based social networking applications, they have proven to be the innovators in the mobile arena," said Paul Goode, vice president and senior analyst, M:Metrics. "Although teenagers and young adults make up only 6 - 10% of mobile subscribers, they generate more than their fair share of mobile content."

User-Generated Content and Social Networking Application* Usage: October 2006
Country 13-17 18-24 All Mobile Subscribers
France 58.0% 48.9% 29.6%
Germany 44.0% 44.1% 31.0%
Italy 69.7% 63.6% 43.6%
Spain 63.2% 60.9% 44.6%
UK 63.5% 65.9% 41.0%
US 36.7% 45.0% 23.3%
Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright © 2006. Survey of mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending 31 October, 2006, n= 101,893 mobile subscribers. *Includes IM, chat, dating, photo messaging, video messaging, created own ringtone, watched video sent by friend.

Phone-to-phone photo messaging is the most popular category of user-generated content, with between 19.9 percent of American, and 49.9 percent of Italian teens reporting they sent a photo to another phone in the month of October. 

Sharing videos captured by a mobile phone also proved to be popular. Again, Italy ranked first in video messaging among teens at 25 percent in the month of October, followed by Spain, at 20.9 percent, United Kingdom at 20 percent, France at 15 percent, Germany at 11.7 percent and the United States at 6.3 percent.

U.S. Mobile Subscriber Monthly Consumption of Content and Applications
M:Metrics Benchmark Survey: October 2006
Activity Subscribers (1000s) Pct Pct Change
Sent Text Message 74,996 38.7% 0.3%
Used Photo Messaging 29,111 15.0% 0.5%
Browsed News and Information 22,310 11.5% (4.1%)
Purchased Ringtone 17,497 9.0% (4.9%)
Used Personal E-Mail 17,121 8.8% (0.2%)
Used Mobile Instant Messenger 14,206 7.3% (0.9%)
Used Work E-Mail 10,172 5.2% (0.6%)
Downloaded Mobile Game 6,775 3.5% 2.6%
Purchased Wallpaper or Screensaver 5,867 3.0% (6.6%)
Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright © 2006. Survey of U.S. mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending 31 October, 2006, n= 35,388

Source: M:Metrics October Benchmark Survey 

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