CEO Confidence Index Rose 6 Points 

The Chief Executive Magazine's November CEO Confidence Index rose 6.0 points according to 212 top executives polled. This leading economic indicator has risen every month since September. 

The gains this month were driven mainly by the Future Confidence Index, which rose by 11.2 points to 136.1, and the Investment Confidence Index, which rose by 9.5 points to 144.2. However the Current Confidence Index fell 1.8 points to 208.3. 

Chief Executive Group also conducted additional polling this month to obtain CEOs predictions for 2007: 

  • the Dow to rise by about 350 points 
  • interest rates to stay pretty much flat 
  • oil to rise by just under $1 per barrel from the time of polling 

This month CEOs were also asked to divulge their holiday wish lists:

 Chief Executive's CEO Top 10 Wish List:

 10. Segway
 9. Vacation
 8. Nintendo Wii
 7. Reduced Air travel Complications and Delays
 6. New car (Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lexuses, etc.)
 5. Regulatory / business relief, esp. in New York & San Francisco
 4. Flat Tax
 3. Cheap healthcare for employees
 2. Time with Family 
 1. End Iraq War/ Peace/Peace in the Middle East

Source: Chief Executive Magazine CEO Confidence Index

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