November U.S. Online Activity: Fox No.1 with 39.5B Page Views

In terms of page views, Fox Interactive Media topped all properties in US with 39.5 billion page views in November, primarily driven by the 38.7 billion pages at, based on traffic from home, work and university locations, according to comScore Media Metrix November online activity report. 
  • Yahoo! Sites retained the No.1 spot in audience size with 129.9 million unique visitors, while its page views were hit by new AJAX technology integration. 
  • Yahoo! Sites, with 35.6 billion page views for November, would rank higher than Fox Interactive Media with 34.9 billion, if university audiences are omitted.  
  • Online department stores with 24% jump to 70.6 million visitors represented the top gaining category in November.
  • Wal-Mart surged into the top 10 web property, claiming the No. 9  spot with more than 43 million unique visitors, a 59-percent increase from October.  

Here is the summary from comScore:

Holiday Season Draws Online Shoppers to Retail Sites

Shopping was top of mind with American consumers in November, as 9 of the top 10 gaining categories for the month were retail-related.  

  • grew 64% to 40.5 million visitors
  • Target Corporation grew 37% to 33.2 million visitors
  • JCPenney Sites grew 44% to 16.8 million visitors  

Much of’s steep increase was attributable to the rise in visitation to Wal-Mart Electronics, which saw a 155-percent increase to 7.9 million visitors. (up 66 percent to 21.1 million visitors) and Circuit City Stores (up 55 percent to 15.7 million visitors) topped the list of consumer electronics sites.

Luxury gift site led the jewelry/luxury goods/accessories category with 2.5 million visitors (up 14 percent), followed by, which increased 28 percent to 2.3 million visitors, and Tiffany & Co., which grew 44 percent to 1.5 million visitors.  Overall, the category rose 21 percent to 18.1 million visitors.

The toy category saw a similar surge in traffic, growing 20 percent to 30.1 million visitors, highlighted by KB Toys’s 108-percent increases versus the previous month to 3.6 million visitors, ranking as the second-fastest gaining site in November.  Toys “R” Us Sites also demonstrated strong gains, growing 75-percent to 13.9 million visitors.

Top 50 Properties

In November, Yahoo! Sites again retained the number one position, attracting nearly 130 million unique visitors.  Wal-Mart surged into the top 10, claiming the number nine spot with more than 43 million unique visitors, a 59-percent increase from October.  

  • Several other retail sites enjoyed increased traffic due to the start of the holiday shopping season as well.  Best Buy Sites, Sears Sites, and JCPenney Sites all entered the top 50 at positions, ranking 30, 32, and 39, respectively. 

  • Target Corporation experienced a 37-percent increase in visitors, and jumped eight spots to number 15, while climbed 13 spots and drew 23 percent more unique visitors (17.1 million) than in October. 

Top 50 Ad Focus

During November, slightly extended its reach to nearly 148 million Americans online, or 85 percent of the U.S. online population.  

  • Within the top 10, Casale Media Network inched up one spot to number five, reaching 64 percent of Americans online.  

  • Advertising networks Blue Lithium and each gained four spots, capturing the number 10 and 19 positions, respectively.  

  • Finally, Euroclick joined the Ad Focus ranking at number 22, while and EA Online Games re-entered the ranking, with each entity reaching 9 percent of U.S. online population.

Full release of comScore Media Metrix November Top 50 Web Rankings and Analysis is here.

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