MIT Technology Review on Q&A Sites: Yahoo Answers Tops

Google Answers was recently folded, but there are still quite a few Q&A sites on the web. Wade Roush at MIT Technology Review conducted a test recently to evaluate and rank prominent sites including Yahoo Answers, Microsoft's Live QnA, AnswerBag, Yedda, Wondir, and Amazon's new Askville  (via SearchEngineLand).

Base on a two-part test, Yahoo Answers came out No.1 with 11 points out of the total 12 points. 

Here's are the test results: 

  1. Yahoo Answers - 11 points
  2. Live QnA - 7 points
  3. Askville - 6 points
  4. AnswerBag - 4 points
  5. Wondir - 4 points
  6. Yedda Answers - 4 points

Check detailed results and commentary at MIT Tech Review.

Inspired by the MIT study, Hitwise conducted an analysis using its data and found that Yahoo! Answers has 96% of Q&A Market Share, followwed by Answerbag. Hitwise didn't have enough data on Askville and Yedda

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