Mobile Gadgets Seen as Best Way to Fib; 43% Lie Pretending to be ill: Study

Over 80% of people admit to telling little white lies at least once a day and the preferred way of being "economical with the truth" is to use technology such as cell phones, texts and e-mails, according to a survey by UK pollsters 72 Point, reports Reuters. 

The poll, on behalf of financial services group Friends Provident, found that "techno-treachery" was widespread with nearly 75% of people saying gadgets like Blackberrys made it easier to fib.

Just over 50% of respondents said using gadgets made them feel less guilty when telling a lie than doing it face to face, 

The workplace was a favorite location for fibbing with 67% of the 1,487 respondents admitting they had lied at work.

Top Workplace Lies:

  1. Pretending to be ill (43%)
  2. Saying work had been completed when it hadn't (23%)
  3. Worryingly for bosses, lied to hide a big mistake (18%)

Outside work, just over 40% said they had lied to their family or partner: 

  • buying new clothes or the cost of them (37%) 
  • how good someone looked in something (35%) 
  • how much they had eaten (35%) and drunk (31%) 
  • how much they weighed (32%)

The survey found that while people were dishonest, most told lies with the best intentions and to spare others' feelings.

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