IDC: Mobile Game Purchasers to Reach 50 million by 2010; Subscription Model Emerges

Mobile game purchasers will grow more than 16% annually reaching nearly 50 million customers by 2010, which will substantially increase total mobile gaming revenue by the end of the decade, according to IDC.

A recent IDC survey shows that:

  • 11% of respondents purchased at least one game for their wireless device in the third quarter of 2006. 
  • Teens and adults under 24 years of age made up the core of this gaming constituency. 
  • For 3Q06, IDC survey respondents reported spending an average of $13.00 on wireless games, with reported spending inversely correlated with the purchaser's age. 
  • More than three quarters of all games being purchased by respondents as of 3Q06 were based on a one-time unlimited use model. 

IDC predicts that the price per mobile game will rise more than $2.50 by 2010 due in part to the impact of growing subscription revenues. IDC suggests that subscription-based channels will gain traction and represent a third of total revenue by the end of the decade - Game bundles, flat subscription fees that include access to multiple games, weekly game rentals, pay-per-play and other models today compliment the standard one-time purchasing model or single-game monthly subscription model.

The IDC study, U.S. Wireless Gaming 2006-2010 Forecast, provides an analysis and five-year forecast of the U.S. wireless gaming market. The reports also analyses the strategies of major wireless network operators including Cingular, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

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