HEADS UP! 'Thought Grenade' Tops British Jargon Poll

Forget about "blue sky thinking" or "singing from the same hymn sheet." "Thought Grenade" and "Let's Sunset That" are the top choice 2007 office jargon, according to a poll by Office Angels, a UK recruitment consultancy, which asked more than 1,600 workers. 
  • 55% of those questioned agree that using the latest language ‘improves your standing at work’
  • 23% believe jargon of any kind labels you ‘pretentious’. 
  • 76% believe the boss using a phrase more commonly used by younger colleagues is more likely to backfire than create a sense of common ground.
  • THE GOOD - 2007’s essential office buzzwords

    1. Thought Grenade - ‘explosive’ good ideas 
    2. Let’s Sunset That  - it never sees the light of day again
    3. Little ‘r’ me - request for a private answer to an e-mail 
    4. Information Touchpoint - pioneering office workers will no longer attend meetings in 2007, instead Information Touchpoints will be on the daily agenda 

    THE BAD - The Top Five Office Jargon Faux-Pas

    1. Blue Sky Thinking
    2. Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet
    3. Thinking outside the box
    4. Let’s take it offline
    5. Park that thought

    AND THE UGLY – five workplace phrases to avoid at all costs

    1. Getting down with the kids – boss says this he’s trying too hard and the ‘kids’ (i.e. junior office workers) won’t appreciate his efforts to ‘get down’
    2. Open up your kimono - ‘put your cards on the table’ 
    3. Let’s raise the anchor and let this one drift – to forget about a bad idea 
    4. There’s no I in team
    5. Am I bovvered? 

    More than half of those questioned (53%) admit to using office jargon in their personal life, with acronyms such as ASAP, BRB (Be Right Back) and BTW (By The Way) the most common phrases used away from work (81%).

    "While trendy jargon may be used as a shortcut, clear, simple communication will never go out of fashion. My advice if in doubt is drop the jargon and simply say what you mean.” says David Clubb, Managing Director of Office Angels 

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