Digital Billboards Rising; Set to Take 15% Share by 2010: iSuppli

By 2010, 75,000 billboards, or 15% of total billboards in the U.S., will be digital displays, up from a mere 500 digital billboards in 2006, according to iSuppli.  Digital signage is another vehicle for advertisers to reach out to their customers in the $500 billion global advertising market.  

iSuppli provides a quick back-of-the-envelope model on how big this market is going to be. Based on its 2010 estimate, the 75,000 potential digital billboards will be using an average of 325,000 LEDs; that would require 40,625 LED drivers for each of the 75,000 digital billboards. That would mean a cost of $16,250 per digital billboard or $1.22 billion for the 75,000 digital billboards in 2010, a big growth opportunity for both semiconductor suppliers and manufacturers of display technology.

iSuppli estimates that on average it only takes 6 to 10 months for the owner of a large digital sign to see an ROI. 

This technology has several names—digital billboards being one of them—electronic billboards, dynamic signage, narrowcasting, data casting, electronic display networks, digital in-store merchandising displays, out-of-home media networks, employee TV, captive audience networks or digital media networks.

This is just another sign that the new order of the information age is the video and digital images, be it YouTube on the internet, IPTV, Internet TV, Mobile TV, Mobile video, or digital billboards. 

iSuppli is initiating converge of this emerging market.

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