Middle Managers Around the World Unsatisfied with Their Organizations: Accenture Survey

A survey of more than 1,400 middle managers in nine countries in North America, Europe and Asia found that, on average, just 39% of respondents said they were “extremely” or “very” satisfied with working at their current organizations, while 20% is specifically dissatisfied with his or her current organization, according to Accenture.

Middle Managers on Their Job and Organizations

39%  “extremely” or “very” satisfied with working at their current organizations
20% are specifically dissatisfied with his or her current organization
30% described their organizations as  “mismanaged,” consistent across all the countries.
23%  are currently looking for a job elsewhere
44% indicated insufficient compensation as the most frustrating aspects of their jobs.  
43% feel as if they are doing all the work but not getting credit for it.  
35% are frustrated by trying to balance work and personal time.
35% are frustrated because they have no clear career path.
Source: Accenture Survey, September 2006

“For the most part, middle managers care deeply about the future of their organizations and their roles in that future, but they are, to a certain extent, the ‘frozen middle,’” said Peter Cheese, managing director of Accenture’s Human Performance practice.  “Their success depends on having a sense of security and a belief that executives understand their concerns and are taking some action.  In leading companies, senior managers address these issues through clear communications, direct engagement and performance goals linked to rewards and career progression.”

“Senior managers have an untapped opportunity to engage their middle managers,” said Cheese.  “Low levels of engagement in such a critical segment of the workforce will affect performance and achievement of strategic goals.  As the pressure on key skills and talent increases with the pace of change and demographic influences, those companies that manage this population of workers best will create sustainable competitive advantage and be the high performers of the future.”

Methodology: The online survey, conducted in September 2006 by ICR (International Communications Research) on behalf of Accenture (NYSE: ACN), surveyed 1,413 full-time workers in the United States, the United Kingdom,  France, Spain, Germany, Australia, China, Singapore and Malaysia who consider themselves to be middle managers.

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