Cleantech VC Investments Jumped 78% to Record $2.9 billion in 2006

Energy: $2.1B

North American venture capital investment in the cleantech startups jumped 78% to reach a record $2.9 billion for 2006, and a 140% increase over 2004 investment of $1.2 billion, according to Cleantech Venture Network. 

About $613 million was invested in cleantech in Q4 2006, down from the record $933 million invested in Q3 2006. 

For 2006, Energy-related investment accounted for $2.1 billion, or 74%, of the total 2006 cleantech venture investment, a 1.9x increase over the $739 million invested in the energy category in 2005 and a 2.9x increase over 2004 energy investment. 

  • The Energy Generation segment totaled $1.3 billion, a 2.1x increase from 2005. 
  • Energy Storage attracted $354 million, a 2x increase over 2005.

Recycling & Waste deals totaled $192 million, a 2.9x increase over 2005 

Transportation investments hit $164 million, up 2.5x over 2005

Cleantech Venture Network® researchers will be presenting in-depth research data for North America and Europe as it relates to venture investing at the Cleantech Forum February 19-22 in San Francisco.

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