Migration 2006: Americans Go Southeast and West; North Carolina Top Destination

In 2006 more Americans packed up their belongings and headed to the West and Southeast, while the Central Northeast experienced an increase in residents departing, according to United Van Lines' "2006 Migration Study"

2006 study is based on the 227,254 interstate household moves handled by United among the 48 contiguous states, as well as Washington, D.C. United classifies each state in one of three categories -- "high inbound" (55% or more of moves going into a state); "high outbound" (55% or more of moves coming out of a state); or "balanced." 

The South was a big draw as North Carolina came in as the top destination with a 64% inbound rate, followed by West with Oregon accounting for 62.5% inbound rate. 

States in the Central Northeast generally showed an outbound trend, with last year's No. 2 on the high-outbound list Michigan (66.0%) moved up a spot to tie for the top outbound state on this year's list with North Dakota. Michigan saw a 2.1% increase over its 2005 numbers.

Top 10 Inbound and Outbound Stats - US Migration 2006

Rank Top 10 Inbound Inbound% Top 10 Outbound Outbound%
1  NORTH CAROLINA   64.00%  MICHIGAN   66.00%
2  OREGON   62.50%  NORTH DAKOTA   66.00%
3  SOUTH CAROLINA   60.60%  NEW JERSEY   60.90%
4  NEVADA   59.90%  NEW YORK   59.50%
5  IDAHO   59.30%  INDIANA   58.20%
7  NEW MEXICO   57.90%  LOUISIANA   56.40%
8  ALABAMA   57.50%  OHIO   55.80%
9  UTAH   56.00%  ILLINOIS   55.70%
10  SOUTH DAKOTA   55.90%  MARYLAND   54.10%
United Van Lines "2006 Migration Study"

Other Highlights of Migration 2006: 

  • Texas (54.6%) continued inbound movement since 1989 and saw slightly (0.7%) more people move in as compared to last year. 
  • After being outbound last year, Nebraska (52.5% inbound) has 3.2% more moves in as compared to 2005. 
  • California (52.4%) saw its lowest outbound percentage in four years.
  • Missouri (51.8%) continued its 12-year outbound trend and had 1% more residents leave as compared to last year. 

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