The Digital Family: Parents Embrace Technologies Just as Much as Kids: Survey

Modern technology has become integral part of families today. A new Nickelodeon study titled "The Digital Family" found that parents are embracing technologies just as much as kids. Technology has changed the kinds of skills that kids and parents believe are necessary, and communication is changing.  

Among the key survey findings: 

Because of computers and the internet:

  * 27% of parents and 21% of kids no longer feel they need to be good spellers.
  * 26% of parents and 25% of kids said it's not necessary to be able to use a printed dictionary.
  * 26% of parents and 24% of kids said it's no longer necessary to read the newspaper.
  * 20% of parents and 21% of kids said they no longer need to be able to read a map.

Because of cell phones:

  * 44% of parents and 52% of kids no longer feel the need to remember phone numbers.
  * 36% of parents and 31% of kids no longer feel the need to have a land line.
  * 16% of parents and 25% of kids no longer see a need to plan ahead.

Because of mp3 players:

  * 23% of parents and 33% of kids 8-14 think there is no longer a need to make casual conversation.
  * 21% of parents and 31% of kids think there is no need to listen to the radio anymore.
  * 55% of parents and 45% of kids no longer see the need to purchase musical albums or CDs.

"The Digital Family" research found that television usage has increased over the last four years (since 2002) by approximately 2 hours a week for both kids and parents.

Out of all the tech devices, TV seems to serve a different purpose, not only entertaining but also providing a key tool of relaxation for kids and parents in their daily lives. Some 58% of parents strongly agree that TV helps them to relax or unwind. 89% of kids agree.

Kids are as likely to use the internet for informational purposes as they are for entertainment. Nearly three quarters of kids use the internet for school work.

  * 85% of kids said the internet helps them do better in school.
  * 93% said it helps them learn things.
  * 89% of kids believe the internet helps them to be more creative.
  * 75% say it makes them feel like they've accomplished something.

"The Digital Family" research incorporates findings from Nickelodeon's "Living in a Digital World" research project (2006), which explores technologies including: the internet, television, cell phones, mp3 players and more. "The Digital Family" offers insights from kids 8-14 and parents of kids 0-14, and references several findings from Nickelodeon commissioned studies (Multicultural Kids Study 2006 and Nickelodeon Wireless Study 2006), as well as Nielsen Media Research.

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